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Awaken The Leader Inside | David Rubalcava Leadership Podcast

Dec 10, 2017

David shares we often choose not to ask for help for many reasons.  Maybe we believe that asking for help shows weakness or lack of leadership. But that's far from the truth.  As we grow as leaders we come to value the power of asking for help when needed.  Many of us have experience catastrophic failures simply because we chose not to ask for help at critical times.  Pride.  We need to humble ourselves and recognize we can't get everything done alone.  This is a people business.  We are either helping people or leading people. Either way, we accomplish our goals through others. Beware of self-inflicted setbacks.  Three ways you can help yourself grow (1. Be Honest about your situation (2.  Ask for feedback (3. Breath.  Step back and sleep on it. Reengage.  Remember, don't overplay your hand by asking for help all the time.

"Its not always about stuff happening around may be things happening within us."-David

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