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Awaken The Leader Inside | David Rubalcava Leadership Podcast

Mar 12, 2018

Every 5 episodes David focuses on motivation.  In this episode David shares some learnings he had on his trip to San Diego.  He shares how after a long rainy drive a random act of kindness from the restaurant "Hash House A Go Go" to seat them even though they were already closed.  David was so grateful and reminds us that when you put out kindness it comes back (Ep. 43).  He also shares while during Sunday lunch at Old Town Mexican Café he notices a couple who doesn't speak a word to each other for over an hour.  David realizes he doesn't want to ever be so unhappy and disconnect from your partner.  He realizes sometimes in life you need to take a break to enjoy your friends and loved ones.  Never forget how important it is to reenergize yourself while chasing your goals.

Hash House A Go Go

San Diego Natural History Museum

Old Town Mexican Cafe


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