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Awaken The Leader Inside | David Rubalcava Leadership Podcast

Feb 25, 2018

In this episode, David invites his first guest Devin Panganiban from Positive Game of Life. Devin is an entrepreneur, investor, and life coach. At an early age, Devin's brother was shot and paralyzed which affected him deeply. By the age of 13 years old his mother passed away. These events had a profound affect on him. He began selling drugs which lead to a prison sentence. During his time in prison, Devin realized he needed to change. Night after night he read books to change his mindset. Tony Robbins was his biggest influencer. He decided his mission was to share his story and help others. Over the last 9 months, Devin used social media to share his positive message and grow his following. David and Devin discuss how challenging it is to take the first step in changing your life.   

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